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The Curry County Mounted Patrol began in 1939 with the efforts of J.R. (Jack) Hull. Members were always chossen by invitiation only.  Jack called on each propective member asking them to join.  It was jack's idea that the membership should be made up of men owning horses and were interested in riding and producings better horses to ride.  The members always had a high regard for jack who remained Capitan of the group until health reasons forced him to resign. 

During the early years of the Mounted Patrol many men were volunteering and being drafted from Curry County to serve in the armed forces.  So the Mounted Patrol became an auxiliary law enforcement group.  Most of the members were deputized by the Sheriff's office and were subject to call if the need would arise.  The group always enjoyed riding out and camping overnight and riding back to Clovis in time to go to work.  They also enjoyed sponsoring western entertainment such as rodeos and for several years sponsored a championship Steer Roping on Labor Day which would attract all the top steer ropers of the nation.  The Mounted Patrol organized its first rodeo on the football field of the High School, and is now used by Marshall Middle School.      


In addition to the rodeos the group produced they also organized dinners and barbecues to make enough money to purchase sixty acres of land.  It was from this purchase that the Mounted Patrol donated it to Curry County and through the cooperation of the Curry County Commissioners in 1970 the Mounted Patrol built the rodeo arena on the Fair Grounds. From there in June of each year during the Pioneers Days Celebration the Mounted Patrol would host the rodeo and become recognized as the best in this part of the country, with over 425 top professional rodeo cowboys entered in the 1979 event.  


At present the Mounted Patrol still has a limited 50 member group and continues to host the rodeo during the annual Pioneer Days Celebration.  The rodeo is now a three day event and continues to attract some of the countrys Top rodeo professionals.     


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