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Businessmen's Wild Cow Milking Entry Form

This Event requires a 3 person team

Details and Rules:

Cows will come out of the bucking chute at same time.
Halters and leads will be on all Cows.
Cows must be standing when milked.
Must have ONE drop of Milk in bottle. Bottles will be furnished by rodeo committee.
Milker must run in marked circle as designated.
The Fastest Times Win 3 person teams cost $150.00 a team ($50 per person) plus Convenience Fee
Added $1000.00 and Buckles to winners.
ALL Contestants MUST be 18 years of age or older.  I.D. Verification will be required.


I                                                   and the above teammates listed on this form hereby release the Curry County Mounted Patrol, Inc, their directors, officers, members, employees, volunteers, Curry County, Curry County Events Center, and all other entities involved with the Pioneers Days Rodeo, from liability in the event of illness, injury, or loss of personal belongings and will make no claim as a result thereof.

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